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Online Refills

Coming Soon!

We are currently developing a phone app and refill capabilities via this website.  Stay tuned...

Compliance Packaging

Weekly dosages...

Cold sealed blister compliance packaging.  The Qube weekly compliance package improves adherence and confidence for patients managing multiple prescriptions.  It’s easier for caregivers to administer, and easier for seniors to adhere to complex medication regimens, both of which are essential to extending independence and health.  Also useful for students that require daily medications at school.   Each week is for seven days with morning, noon, evening, and bedtime dosages. 

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Free Delivery 

& Mail Service

Our pharmacist,  Randee, is dedicated to ensure that the medicines prescribed to her patients are suitable; advising about medicines, including how to take them, what reactions may occur, and answering your questions.  Randee is happy to help you!

We also provide FREE delivery in the city limits.

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Easy Transfers

Only takes a phone call...

Call the pharmacy at 620-625-2221 and visit with a technician or the pharmacist, letting them know you would like to transfer your prescription to the Yates Center Pharmacy.   All we need to know is what medications and the name of the pharmacy you were previously getting your prescriptions.   It is that easy!  

Med Sync

Ask if Med Sync is right for you!

Medication synchronization allows our pharmacist to look at a patient’s medications and then syncing them all up for pick-up on a single, convenient day each month.


Safety First!

We offer a MedReturn in the Pharmacy!  Accepted items include prescription medicines, prescription ointments and liquids, over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and medicines for your pets.

Refill App
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